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Anastasia Contour Kit Review – My Attempts

25 Nov 2014 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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As the very proud owner of the Anastasia Contour Kit, but also a complete contouring newbie, I have been having rather a lot of fun playing with this brilliant palette!!

Anastasia Contour Kit Review

Now I find the whole contouring business rather tricky. In fact I wrote a whole post about why I think I can’t do it! And because I am not confident with it, I tend to go very lightly. You are probably going to think that it’s a pathetic attempt and that I don’t look any more sculpted at all. But I wanted something very natural and maybe I will go to town a bit more next time. Anyway, I’ll let you decide what you think!

Anastasia Contour Kit – The Stages

I thought I’d just show you a quick series of photos just so you can see what I have (or haven’t) done! I just used fawn and sand, with a tiny bit of vanilla. Let me show you.


Here I am wearing Glo & Ray CC Primer and CC Foundation, with a light dusting of Clarins loose powder.

Anastasia Contour Kit – No Contour

Stage 1 – Contour

Java applied to under my cheekbone, around the temples and under the jawbone. I also put a touch of Vanilla under my eyes.

Anastasia Contour Kit – Fawn Applied

Stage 2 – Blend, blend, blend!

Next I took a fluffy cheek brush and buffed the powder in. On the cheekbone contour, I was careful to blend upwards so that I didn’t loose where I wanted the shadow to appear. I think I may have blended a bit too much?

Anastasia Contour Kit – Fawn Blended

Stage 3 – Highlight

Next I very lightly dusted the highlight shade, Sand,  right on top of my cheekbones. It was a bit more noticeable in real life, but I am not sure if you can really see it here?

Anastasia Contour Kit – Sand Applied

And that was everything for the Anastasia Contour Kit.

Stage 4 – Business as usual

I shoved the rest of my makeup on using the Urban Decay Naked on the Run Kit.

Anastasia Contour Kit – Full Makeup

I think at this stage I could have gone in a bit stronger with the Java shade as I feel like the contour was a little lost after I applied the rest of my makeup, but I am still taking baby steps!

I am so pleased with the Anastasia Contour Kit and will definitely be practicing more. It is currently in stock again at Cult Beauty now for £39.



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