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Aerin Fall 2014 – Fragrance and Makeup

23 Jul 2014 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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So I managed to get a sneak peek at Aerin Fall 2014! I had the divine pleasure of meeting Aerin Lauder yesterday and she was completely amazing; absolutely gorgeous, so accessible and relatable and also really cool at the same time. How do people do that?!?

Aerin Fall 2014 Fragrance

There are 2 amazing new fragrances coming our way – Aerin Waterlily Sun and Iris Meadow which I will share full details about soon. In the meantime, here’s a very quick look at the Aerin Fall 2014 makeup. I am really excited about it!

Aerin Fall 2014 Palettes

Aerin Fall 2014
Aerin Fall 2014

As you can see, there are 2 palettes in the Aerin Fall 2014 collection. They are the multi-use kind so the shades on the left are lip and cheek creams and the on the right there’s eyeshadow and blush. The first one is designed to be the work-time palette that would be perfect for the office. The second is a more relaxed, weekend look and my personal favourite. In that one you can contour or bronze and the neutral shades are just stunning. You can go for more pops of colour with the second.

Aerin Fall 2014 Lips

Aerin Fall 2014
Aerin Fall 2014
Aerin Fall 2014

There are 2 gorgeous new lips products and a rose lip balm. The Aerin lip products are my favourite part of the collections. They are so pretty to wear and also absolutely packed with nourishing ingredients that leave lips absolutely juicy and perfect. Love them!

Aerin Fall 2014 Eyeliners

Aerin Fall 2014
Aerin Fall 2014

The pencils are the creamiest texture that are amazing for a softly smoked out eye. There’s a bronze shade and a black shade both with a very subtle hint of sparkle. I can’t wait to actually get these on my eyes!

I think there’s also a new Aerin mascara coming and a couple of other brand new makeup items. I’ll get you more news on that as soon as I have it!

Aerin Fall 2014 will be available from September 2014. Visit Aerin online for more information.



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7 thoughts on “Aerin Fall 2014 – Fragrance and Makeup

  1. Thanks for this review, I love the Aerin products and have quite a collection now. The palettes are similar to the first palettes she released also called weekend and weekday but they have cream highlighters in place of the lip colours. The blush and shadow colours in the weekday palette look very similar to the original. It will be interesting to see how they compare. That lip balm looks gorgeous!

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