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A Thank You

4 Aug 2015 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Regular readers and social media followers will be aware that things haven’t been normal round these parts of late. Some of you will know that my dad was taken seriously ill recently and life was pretty much turned upside down.

New Year’s Eve 2014

I sent a desperate, almost mindless, tweet in the middle of the night a month ago begging for prayers and positivity and I was overwhelmed by the amazing response and well wishes for my lovely daddy.

I truly believe in the power of positive thinking and I know that every thought, prayer, text, email and tweet of hope definitely made a difference to the hard time we were all having.

It all happened literally a day after they had made a big move from Suffolk to live closer to me and my family, and we were all so excited about this next phase of our lives. It was a seriously big deal as my dad is 94 – he was pretty old when he had me. Moving is tough for anyone but moving when you are 94 it’s a whole new world of stress.

Poor dad wasn’t actually all that ill when I took him to A&E with a swollen leg. But in a stroke of bad luck that can only be described as disastrous, he was administered the wrong medication that very nearly killed him. For what seemed like an eternity his condition was critical and there were a few times when mum and I thought we had lost him.

But we didn’t lose him and now he’s home working hard to get back to the level of health and mobility he had when the two of us walked into the Emergency Department with his swollen leg. The irony is that he still has a swollen leg and a lot of other new health issues besides. But we are all working on them together and staying positive.

The point is that I might have lost hope had I not had such amazing support via Twitter and Instagram, text and email, from a whole army of people that have no idea who my dad is! Anyone that just took one second to send a positive thought or prayer out into the universe truly helped our plight and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you all so much – you are totally amazing and wonderful and all the good words to describe incredible people.

I’m a little scared to publish this post because very often during the time in hospital we’d say something positive about how dad was getting on and then something horrid would happen and he’d go downhill. But I feel I have to acknowledge the power of your positivity and give thanks to everyone who spared a thought. It meant and still means so much and I just can’t go forwards without saying it.

I’ll be touching wood as I hit publish but giving thanks is so important. As a believer in the power of positivity, it really is something I need to do.

Thank you again. Please keep the positivity coming for all things in life. It works.



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14 thoughts on “A Thank You

  1. My lovely Ree, I am so pleased your Dad is feeling better and hope he continues to do so. We’ve all been thinking of you in the office and are looking forward to you getting back to feeling yourself with a little less stress and worry. Lots of love to you, your Dad and family and always stay strong. x

  2. So happy your dad is on mend. My own dad is 85 and he’s so precious to me & my sisters. What a lovely pic of you all. Enjoy every day with each other. Sending best wishes to you all xx

  3. I wish your dad recover completely his health. I lost mine 9 years ago and know what you felt, the fear and worry. Stay with faith in God. Xx

  4. I am a regular reader of your blog but i don t use twitter nor instagram so this is the first time i hear about your dad! I wish a speedy and full recovery of his health! I was going through a similar phase last summer with my dad while i was pregnant. It was an angonizing experience i know. But believe or not a regular visit to your blog made me forget my angony for a while! So thank you too for giving us hope in this form! Stay positive!

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