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4 Tips to Avoiding A Disaster Haircut!

18 Oct 2014 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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If the idea of a hairstylist waving their scissors around sends the fear of God into you, then these tips are written just for you!


It only takes one bad salon experience to put you off a visit to the hairdressers for life! If you have ever felt like you find it hard to get your point across about what you want, then here are our 4 Tips to Avoiding A Disaster Haircut! No tears here!

1. Find a hairdresser you feel comfortable with


This is vital because you need to feel brave enough to tell this person exactly want you don’t want. If you just want the ends trimmed and it simpley neatened up, not a re-style, then you need to be very clear!

  • Don’t take too much off
  • Don’t thin it out
  • Don’t make me cry!!!

It is so important that you find someone who is ok with this and doesn’t take offence. After all, they are the professional and probably have all kinds of ideas about how they can improve your hair; but at the end of the day, it is your hair and you must be happy with it when you walk out of that salon!

2. Have an open mind and listen to advice


As I have said, the hairdresser is the professional and could probably really improve what’s going on if you let them. If the advice sounds good and you decide to go with it, continue to stress all the things you don’t want to happen! For me, these would be:

  • Don’t take too much off
  • Don’t thin it out
  • Don’t make me cry!!!

There’s no harm in saying things twice… no harm at all!

3. Stay strong!


If you feel that something is happening that you haven’t actually asked for, you have to be brave enough to call a halt to the porceedings, even if you find this awkward and embarrassing.

Remember this is the hair you have to wear everyday and you owe it to yourself to make sure you’re in control. If you have followed Haircut Tips 1 & 2, the likelihood of this is minimal but it still pays to pay attention.

Unless you know your hairdresser well, you’ll need to watch them like a hawk and be ready to intervene! The sooner you say something, the more reversible it will be.

4. Watch & Learn


Once the cut is done, any worry is pretty much over. Now let the hairdresser blowdry and style your hair in the way they choose as you just might learn something. It’s a great opportunity to get tips on different ways to style the hair . Use this time to ask lots of questions and get advice on how to manage your hair at home.

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